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Bedtime is Special

At the end of the day, when things begins to slow down, there is a special moment when we can snuggle up with our family and open God's word. Bedtime is a great time for reading, Bible memorization, worship music, prayer, and deeper conversations about Jesus. Our hope is that the books and resources below would will help make this time both effective and while drawing your family closer together.

Our Favorite Bedtime Routine

Special Moments
Spark Questions

Before we decide to sell a book, we first try them out ourselves and with a network of families and customers. One of our favorite book collections is the Wemmicks stories by Max Lucado. These books constantly sparked healthy conversations about character, identity, and love that our Heavenly Father gives us when we join His family.

These books will create new opportunities to discover who God is with your children.

Devotions for Busy Families

Life can get busy, and it can feel like there is never enough time to engage our kids in Scripture. But what if we could leverage moments around the dining table or bedtime to recenter on Jesus? Just 10 minutes a day is 60 hours a year in conversation about God; it adds up!

With these 10-minute devotionals and short stories, staying in God's word is possible for any family.

Big Ideas for Little Ones

As little ones ask questions about faith and life, you get a special opportunity to point them to Jesus. This is why reading books with Biblical values is so important at a young age. As you read, it helps them discover who Christ is and how to follow God as a result.

With short attention spans, we have selected a set of books that are easy to read with your littles in less than 5 minutes.