Equipping the next generation
of Christian families

Our Heart

First and foremost, we want you to know that Taking Ground as it is today has only come to fruition through fervent prayer. We can’t take credit for anything that God has accomplished. He is at work without our strengths and in spite of our weaknesses. Our sole intent is to see where God is already at work and join him—and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the many doors he has opened.

The role of Taking Ground is simply to facilitate an interaction with the words of Jesus in the Bible and let him guide you to himself. We often say, “There is no better guide to understanding and living out God’s word than the Holy Spirit.”

Whether you are taking this journey for the first time or are looking to grow, remember that you are deeply loved. There is always a place for you in the Taking Ground family.

Funding Disciple Making

By supporting Taking Ground, you are helping cover operational costs and supporting disciple making work domestically and around the world. Every purchase you make for you and your family allows another family to hear about Jesus.

Grant Writing and Research
Abigail Thurstenson

With over $2.1 Million submitted in grants, Taking Ground also supports nonprofits who desire to bring long-term life change to the most vulnerable among us. Abigail has supported the addicted to find help and reunite with their families, the elderly to live with safety and dignity in their owns homes, and missionaries to be equipped to serve in difficult-to-reach places around the world. She is driven to do everything she can to make a difference in her generation for Christ.

Photography and Music
Christopher Barnett

With a Masters in Music Composition and a Bachelors in Music Education, Christopher has a passion for serving and praising God with music. Along with creating wonderful notes we can hear, he has a keen ability to capture beautiful product and lifestyle images we all love.

Keep an eye out, he will soon bring to life ways parents can engage their children through sight and sound.


Below are some of our key partners and family resources that we can't wait to tell you about! Each of them has a huge heart for families and living out their faith. We also want you to know that Taking Ground does not ask for or accept payment for affiliations. All products, companies, and individuals are shared freely to equip our community to grow in their faith.

Thuro Design

Most of us have ideas on how to change the world, but without a creative partner like Morgan Morris of Thuro Design, they don't get very far. Morgan is a delight to work with as she brings structure and dependability to an often chaotic process

Most importantly, she shares a passion for seeing people make a difference in the lives of others as believers. When we serve others with love, we get to make the world a better place together.

Dear Heart

Nichole Kirk believes that something as simple as a delicate necklace can make a massive impact. Her hope is that when you hold this piece in your hands, you’re reminded of the truth that it represents. As you put it around your neck, you’re equipped with an intentional tool to have the deep, vulnerable conversations because those are really the ones that matter most. Our prayer is that these pieces can bring hope to the lost, revival to the weary, and courage for the believer.

Not-for-Profit, Est. 1938

Crossway is a not-for-profit Christian ministry and exists solely for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel through publishing and other means in order, by God’s grace:

Their focus is to bring men, women, and children to Christ as their Lord and Savior, To help individual Christians and the church grow in knowledge and understanding of the Christian life, To bear witness to God’s truth, beauty, and holiness, and to the Lordship of Christ in every area of life, andT o glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every way.

Live Your Faith
DaySpring Cards

For over 50 years, DaySpring has been committed to seeing "every person experience and express the life-changing message of God's love." We love DaySpring, and their heart to provide tools and resources to share your faith. You can also find them in Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and many other retail stores around the country.

Also, you should check out Mary & Martha, and (in)courage by DaySpring.